What materials will be made partitions?

In Avchala the partitions are made of standard 10 cm blocks.

What material, color and mechanism the door and window are?

In Avchala there are two-chamber black plastic doors and windows with opening mechanisms. The kitchen will have black plastic doors and windows with a tilt-and-turn mechanism.

What material is the front door?

In Avchala there is a modern design metal door with two locks.

What is the height of the ceiling?

In Avchala ceiling height is 2 meters and 80 cm.

How many elevators are there in the entrance hall?

In Avchala each entrance has 1 (one) passenger/freight elevator which will allow 6 (six) people to move comfortably at the same time.

Will I be able to buy a flat with a black frame?

In Avchala the flat disappears with the white frame, you will not be able to buy the black frame.

What is the condition of flats?

Apartments in Avchala are white frame, which means:

  • Blake-colored, two-chambered metal-plastic door and window;
  • Modern design metal door with two locks; 
  • The facade partitions are made of 20 cm thick pumice block;
  • The Internal partitions are made of standard 10 cm blocks;
  • Water and sewerage systems in the apartment;
  • Perlite and gypsum walls and partitions;
  • The floor is covered with silica-cement solution; 
  • Exterior facade with brick texture; 
  • Granite stone corridors and hallway;
  • Stairways and cells arranged in basalt sand and iron railings;
  • Balconies with ceramic granite and iron railing;
  • Passenger/freight type lifts;
  • Electricity and natural gas brought to the apartment;
  • Installation and Subscription of Meters of Telasi, Georgian Water and Power, and Tbilisi Energy.