Lemons Group is an innovative company in the field of marketing and sales, which has been operating on the market since 2018. A place where the success, awareness, development and progress of users and their business are thought, discussed and cared about: marketers and PR managers, highly qualified developers, programmers, designers, research and analytics’ specialists.

Bank of Georgia has been on the market since 1994. The company develops products and services for retail and personal banking. Under the proud and at the same time responsible name, the Bank of Georgia unites about 7 thousand employees today. Over the years, the company has held the status of a leading bank, both in terms of financial indicators and in the perception of the population.

The history of Basisbank began in 1993 with just one service center and a few employees. Today, Basisbank Group is the country's leading financial institution and combines insurance and leasing business lines with banking services.

HeidelbergCement is the world's largest construction materials manufacturing company. It has been operating in Georgia since 2006 and occupies a leading position in the production of cement and concrete, which is why it supplies all major construction projects in the country.

The history of Citadel begins in 2011. It occupies an important place in the building materials market, where you will find all the materials needed for fundamental construction and repair works. For 13 years, its team was able to create its own standards by focusing on development and quality.

Gorgia is the largest corporation in the field of construction and repair in the Caucasus, which has been operating on the market since 1998. It cooperates with 600 global companies and 300 repair brands. Their goal is to provide customers with the lowest price - "Affordable for everyone".

PM Metal appeared on the market in 2022 and imports high-quality rebars from abroad to the Georgian market. Their product is certified and licensed, which is why it enjoys high demand and trust in the market.

Geosteel is one of the largest foreign direct industrial investments in Georgia, producing construction steel rebar. They are constantly trying to promote the development of human resources, so they took the initiative of rejuvenating the metallurgical industry of Georgia and increasing its economy by using local scrap for the production of construction materials.