In the process of selecting an apartment, it is a key issue for the customer to know the main values and advantages of the construction company. In addition to price and payment terms, brand image plays an important role in the decision-making process. That is why we will introduce you to our priorities, which created the guaranteed success of the company.

Flexible payment schedule

Based on the accumulated experience and the research of the Georgian real estate market, we take into account the different financial interests of our customers. That is why we offer a flexible individual payment schedule that is best suited to your needs, which you will discuss with a sales advisor. When buying an apartment in our projects, you can take advantage of interest-free domestic installments until the end of construction, and with the support of our partner banks (Bank of Georgia and BasisBank), you can buy an apartment with a mortgage loan at any stage of construction and take advantage of a single payment discount.

Affordable price

We provide quality housing at an affordable price, exactly why Solum has a large consumer audience, and as a result, we make home ownership easily possible.

Closeness to nature

Our projects are located in areas where peace and quiet are a priority - close to nature, away from the noise of the city center.

Quality construction

We meet the high standards in construction - using safe and quality building materials for health, in order to create a comfortable living environment for you. Also, in order to support Georgian business, if there is an alternative, we give preference to the consumption of materials produced in Georgia.


In addition to the quality of construction, consideration of the infrastructure for creating comfortable living conditions is one of the priorities at the project creation stage, which includes a well-equipped green space, a stadium, a yard provided with lightning and lounge chairs.

A healthy relationship with the customer

We consider that the customers are the main asset of our business and we establish long-term, loyal relations with them.

For your satisfaction, in order to improve the quality of service, we have introduced an after-sales service provided through the Tenant Relations Manager.

Resolution 41

Obeying regulations and meeting standards are our main commitments, which we have been fulfilling since our inception. In order to strengthen these obligations, the construction regulation (Resolution 41) came into effect in 2017, the purpose of which is to strictly observe safety norms during construction, use architectural-expert conclusions, and obey the technical regulations on the safety rules of buildings. Minimum requirements for proper design, protection against fire or other hazards, and proper arrangement of stairs and elevators have been defined.

Construction standards for permits issued after 2017 did not make things easier for developers, however, based on the experience of the past period, it was inevitable to create a set of regulations at the state level and to conduct monitoring and examination of the works performed by them.

During the construction process, Solum Development 100% adheres to the construction standards stipulated in the document:

  • The construction area is bounded by fences at least 2.5m high;
  • For the safety of pedestrians and vehicles, we arrange barricades giving directions;
  • We place materials and equipment in the construction area in such a way that they do not pose a danger to the public and nearby properties;
  • We remove waste materials from the territory in compliance with standards, in order to preserve the well-being of nature;
  • It is necessary for the building to be easily accessible to the fire rescue units so that they can evacuate immediately;
  • For evacuation and easy movement of residents, buildings are equipped with fire fighting equipment;
  • Fire alarm signal systems;
  • Safety instructions and evacuation plans, with specially arranged exits;
  • Automatic smoke detection systems located in the territory of the residential building, including in public corridors and elevator lobbies;
  • Ensuring that the floor is locked with a fireproof, iron door;
  • Creating an adapted living environment for people with disabilities, which includes Wheelchair turning spaces, ramps, elevators, and above-ground and below-ground parking.

Compliance with these and other standards ensures, first of all, the safety of employees during the construction process, as well as the guaranteed peaceful life of residents for many years. If your main need is safety and a cozy life, we are ready to offer you a living environment adjusted to modern standards.