Date of completion


There where we are

Your cozy and comfortable living place

4 min.

N120 school

5 min.

Rugby stadium

5 min.

Tbilisi Mall

6 min.


Terms of the delivery of the apartment

What do we offer ?

  • Blake-colored, two-chambered metal-plastic door and window;
  • Modern design metal door with two locks; 
  • The facade partitions are made of 20 cm thick pumice block;
  • The Internal partitions are made of standard 10 cm blocks;
  • Water and sewerage systems in the apartment;
  • Perlite and gypsum walls and partitions;
  • The floor is covered with silica-cement solution; 
  • Exterior facade with brick texture; 
  • Granite stone corridors and hallway;
  • Stairways and cells arranged in basalt sand and iron railings;
  • Balconies with ceramic granite and iron railing;
  • Passenger/freight type lifts;
  • Electricity and natural gas brought to the apartment;
  • Installation and Subscription of Meters of Telasi, Georgian Water and Power, and Tbilisi Energy.


Avchala, in the Bichvinta III dead end, N 13