Your cozy and comfortable residence

Your cozy and comfortable residence

Recently, a trend has been observed in Tbilisi that the demand for real estate is shifting from the central areas to the suburbs due to overcrowding in the center. If you think about it, buying an apartment in the suburbs is really a wise decision. We all agree that in order to avoid the daily events of the city, such as traffic jams, noise, endless construction, we are looking for a quiet, peaceful place where we can feel free and happy.

Today, with the emergence of recreational spaces and the improvement of the living environment, the prestige of a number of districts in Tbilisi has changed. It is important for everyone to have a home with a calm and pleasant atmosphere, where you can relax at the end of the day and feel as safe as possible from negative influences.

That is why "Solum Development" in Avchala creates a living space for you that is fully adjusted to the wishes and needs of the user and offers:

  • Residential complex created on the area of 3869 sq.m., which includes 3 buildings (Block A, B and C);
  • 6103.8 square meters of residential and commercial space;
  • 79 residential apartments and 37 garages located in the project, trade and commercial;
  • Adjacent to the building, a space for children arranged according to the general plan and dendroproject;
  • Lighting, lounge chairs, trash cans and plants located in the yard;
  • Maximum safety standards;
  • Residential complex made with high-quality construction materials.

Our project meets industry standards and ensures your comfort and safety. The construction process is carried out in full compliance with the requirements of labor safety and construction standards. The construction process and sales started in June 2022, the works are carried out in full compliance with the plan and schedule, and the construction of all three blocks will be completed on December 31, 2024.

Real estate market size and prices

From 2023 to April 2024, according to "Galt & Taggart" investment research data, 49,452 apartments were sold in Tbilisi, which is 8% less than the number of 2022 apartments. Real estate prices were increasing during this period, which was caused by increased construction costs and demand from migrants, although both of these indicators have stabilized at this stage. The minimum price of an apartment for sale in Tbilisi in 2023 was fixed at 2412 GEL, while this indicator was 1608 GEL by the end of 2021.

At the initial stage of construction in the Avchal project, the cost per square meter was 1742 GEL. Along with the change of the project phase, the price per square meter increased in three stages:

  • After the completion of 20% of the sales and/or construction process of the total number of apartments in the building, the price will increase by 5%, it became - 1822 GEL;
  • Selling 50%/building with 10%, became - 1929 GEL;
  • And when selling/building 80% with 12%, which amounts to 2090 GEL.

Safety and comfort for the user are important to "Solum Development". Our goal is to continue to create exceptional projects that not only meet, but exceed your expectations. Based on many years of experience, we aim to expand the portfolio of projects, maintain credibility in the market and serve as a reliable guide to find your ideal home. Taking into account the interests of the user, today we have become an advantage:

  • Healthy relationship with the customer;
  • Compliance with construction regulations and standards;
  • Closeness to nature;
  • Flexible payment schedule;
  • Affordable price;
  • Infrastructure.

Project sales process is complete, Solum Development residential complex in Avchala has been created for you.