Colors in the interior - white

Colors in the interior - white

It is a proven fact that the color of the walls can radically change a person's mood, both positively and negatively. That's why the color you choose in the interior is very important. Color can highlight a building's strengths and cover up its weaknesses, or vice versa. For example, light-colored walls will make a room with small windows appear larger.


The color of purity and purity. It suits all colors in dosage. However, even in the world of white, thanks to slight variations, there are an infinite number of tones.

With the rise in popularity of Scandinavian design, more and more designers are using white on walls and furniture. In the interior, white is associated with modernity, but on the other hand, it can be very cold if not used in the right combination.


What to consider when choosing white color:

The white color combines the whole color gamut, that's why white can be both warm and cold. It is not good when the interior is in one tone (cold or warm). It will be better if we use warm white color for furniture and cold tones for walls.

Also don't forget that lighting can change the color of white. When choosing such an interior, we must take this fact into account. It is better to use lamps with neutral lighting.


Material and furniture

Since we are talking about the interior of white color, we should be careful and observe, because a lot of whiteness or a lot of color gives the interior a tasteless look.

Keep in mind that a white room needs a variety of materials, which adds a lot of variety and makes other colors appear on the horizon along with white.

At the same time, take into account the fact that all other colors become even more intense on a white background, so do not select too active color details.

Decorative panels, furniture, accessories, natural wood and stone always look effective in white interior design. By introducing these details, you will give the room an interesting look in addition to diversity and will create a feeling of a little antiquity and retro style.