Building process

  • 04. 12. 2023

    Ponichala - 4th floor

    The fourth floor columns and diaphragm arrangement works are underway.
  • 02. 11. 2023

    Ponichala - 3rd Floor

    Preparation works for the third floor columns have started in Ponichala.
  • 17. 10. 2023

    Avchala - Overlapping

    In the A sector, there are: Roofing works; Door-window insertion (including 3 floors); Installation of sewer pipes. In the B sector, there is - Placing the 5th-floor slab and removing internal partitions. In the C sector
  • 09. 10. 2023

    Ponichala - 2nd Floor

    In Ponichala, the laying of the 2nd floor slab has been completed. We are waiting for it to dry.
  • 27. 09. 2023

    Ponichala - a tile

    Preparatory works for pouring the 2nd floor slab are in progress in Ponichala.
  • 11. 09. 2023

    Ponichala - pouring concrete

    Concrete works of commercial floor columns and diaphragms are underway in Ponichala
  • 04. 09. 2023

    Ponichala - Diaphragms

    The work of arranging the column diaphragms of the commercial floor is in progress.
  • 29. 08. 2023

    Ponichala - Commercial Floor

    A commercial floor tile was poured in Ponichala during the construction of Solum Development.
  • 24. 08. 2023

    Avchala - Monolith

    The construction of the monolith of block A in Avchala has been completed. In Block B, the floor of the 4th floor has been poured, and the partitions of the 2nd and 3rd floors have also been built.
  • 07. 08. 2023

    Ponichala - Overlapping

    In Ponichala Roofing slabs for the parking floor are being arranged
  • 05. 08. 2023

    Ponichala - Parking

    The pouring of the walls and columns of the minus floor (parking lot) at the construction of Solum Development in Ponichala has been completed.
  • 12. 07. 2023

    Ponichala - concrete pouring

    1400 cubic meters of concrete were poured in Ponichala
  • 28. 06. 2023

    Avchala - 7th Floor

    The laying of the slab of the 7th floor on block А has been completed. Arrangement of slab molds for the 3rd floor on block B is in progress
  • 28. 06. 2023

    Ponichala - arrangement of fittings

    The slab reinforcement of the object is being arranged. 152 tons of reinforcement were purchased.
  • 02. 06. 2023

    6th floor - Avchala

    In Avchala, in sector A, the floor of the 6th floor was laid, and the almatur needed for the current convoys was poured. Also, in agreement with the tenants, the construction of internal partitions was completed on the 4th floor, and the construction of external partitions on the 5th floor is underway.
  • 02. 06. 2023

    Perometer mold - Ponichala

    In Ponichala, the works of arranging the base of the foundation slab and the external perometer mold have been completed.
  • 05. 05. 2023

    Foundation in Ponichala

    In Ponichal project, the preparatory concrete layer works for the foundation have been completed. 100m3 of concrete was used.
  • 04. 05. 2023

    5th floor

    In Avchala, the 5th floor tile was poured on block А. On the built floors, the apartments are being opened and walls are being erected on the facade. And in block B, column diaphragms were arranged on the 2nd floor.
  • 03. 04. 2023


    In Avchala Block A the outer and inner partitions of the commercial floor were built. Columns of the fourth floor were poured. In Block B, the commercial floor columns have been poured and preparations are underway to pour the second floor slab.
  • 14. 03. 2023

    3rd floor tile

    Columns of the second floor, elevator shaft and stairs were installed in Avchala sector A. Preparatory work for the third floor slab was also carried out and the slab was poured. Almatura was spun for the columns of the commercial floor in sector B, and the elevator shaft was prepared for pouring concrete.
  • 21. 02. 2023

    The crane

    Tower crane, СОMANSA NT 40100, is being installed. Start of construction of Block B planned in March in parallel mode.
  • 09. 02. 2023

    2nd Floor

    The concrete pouring of the roof of Block A commercial floor has been completed. Next step erection and installation of the rebars frames on the Second living floor.
  • 23. 01. 2023

    Commercial roofing

    Roofing slabs of the commercial floor of Block A are in progress
  • 19. 12. 2022


    In block A, the columns and walls of the commercial floor were poured. In block B, the construction of the columns of the commercial floor is in progress.
  • 31. 10. 2022

    Commercial floor

    In block A, the laying of the slab of the commercial floor is in progress, and in block B, the laying of the column of the 0th floor is in progress.
  • 08. 10. 2022

    Block A

    The walls of the underground floor of block A were poured. In the next week, the waterproofing of the walls will be arranged and the earth will be backfilled into the foundation
  • 03. 10. 2022


    Foundation walls and columns are made on block A Reinforced concrete slab, reinforced concrete basement walls and diaphragms are poured on block B.
  • 21. 09. 2022

    Underground Floor

    The foundation slab of block A is poured. on 440m2. The walls of the underground floor of Block B are poured. By the end of the month, it is planned to pour the walls of the underground floor of block A and waterproof the outer perimeter of its walls.
  • 01. 09. 2022

    walls and columns

    In block A, the foundation slab is being prepared, and in block B, reinforced concrete walls and columns are being built.
  • 16. 08. 2022

    The foundation laid

    The foundation of block B was laid. 80 cm thick at the -3.00 mark. We are starting to arrange the walls and roofing structures of the underground floor. as well as reinforcement of the foundation of block A.
  • 02. 08. 2022


    At this stage, the reinforcement of the foundation slab is underway
  • 15. 07. 2022

    Land works

    Construction has started in Avchala, and at this stage, land is being cut for the foundation.
  • 03. 01. 1970


    The surrounding area is being rehabilitated and preparations are underway for the ground works
  • 02. 01. 1970

    Ponichala project has started

    The construction of the new project of Solum Development has started in Ponichala. Earth removal works are in progress.