Where the construction is underway?

Construction is underway in Tbilisi, at the Zurab Mirakishvili Street # 29, in the Gldani 7th district. You can see the map to find the exact location

When will the construction be completed?

Construction will be completed in 18 months, September 2021

Does it fit within the scheduled timeframe

According to the Order of the City Hall Architecture Service No.4676454, the construction period was 2 years, until September 20, 2021. According to our plan of action, we must complete the facility in 18 months, by March 20, 2021. This is conditioned by a number of favorable circumstances: the project is fully funded by JSC Bank of Georgia, which eliminates the slowdown in construction due to the inactive sales pace; The works are being completed by a tender, experienced general contractor - Element Construction (ec.ge), who works in full compliance with labor safety and standards requirements, which in itself excludes the suspension of the construction process for this reason and the delay in project submission.

How many entrances is the building?

The building has two entrances

How many apartments are in the building?

There are 113 apartments in the building

How many apartments are on the floor?

There are 8 apartments on each floor. Residential flats start from the second floor. On the first floor there are commercial and commercial spaces, and on the ground floor minus 22 indoor underground parking.

How seismically stable is the building?

The project is designed to withstand an 8-magnitude earthquake. Geological studies on the ground have revealed acceptable dense rocks, which do not require additional specimens or other ground reinforcement work to strengthen the body.

How reliable is the construction?

Up to 400 tonnes of new A500 C / S420 stamp fittings will be used during the construction of the project; Concrete will be delivered from Heidelberg Cement Gldani plant. The building is designed to comply with all modern fire safety standards and the project has successfully passed the fire safety expertise at the agreement stage.

Modern fire safety standards include the installation of fireproof doors and vent systems in staircase cells and elevators, underground parking and smoke detectors with water spray systems; The standard and quality of residential flat iron doors, electrical conductors, natural gas pipes, fittings and other specific materials are in full compliance with fire safety standards.

The company employs a certified labor security manager whose job is to protect the safety of the workplace. Every person on the site has health insurance.

When will the building be commissioned?

In order to ensure maximum compliance with the design documentation, the company signed an official contract with the Municipal Inspectorate on a regular basis for monitoring to monitor the process. That is, during the construction period - from start to finish - multiple inspection by the municipal inspection commission on the site to identify potential flaws and ways to resolve them, most importantly without imposing additional penalties or administrative liability. This decision eliminates the delay in the commissioning of the facility and our plan is that it will be commissioned within 3 months of the completion of construction.

Will I be able to buy a flat with a black frame?

The flat disappears with the green frame, you will not be able to buy the black frame.

What will be the material of the facade?

The facade will be covered with brick texture, brick color. The outer walls are built with a 20 cm thick pumice block to provide thermal insulation.

What materials will be made partitions?

Partitions are made with a standard block of 10 cm

What are the windows made of?

The windows are dark colored double-glazed plastic.

What material is the front door?

The front door is made of iron, with double locking, lined with wood "sponge"

What is the internal network of natural gas?

Installation of natural gas distribution network by new regulations is provided by a certified company. High quality pipes and fittings for the pipeline will be used. After decommissioning, the internal gas pipeline will be drained, drained, checked for leakage and only then will it be operational and will naturally be connected to the central grid.

How many meters is the distance between neighboring buildings?

The whole building and all the apartments are sunny and bright. At this point, the nearest corpus is 20 meters away.

What is the height of the ceiling?

Ceiling height is 2 meters and 80 cm.

What is the smallest space?

The smallest apartment is 62 square meters. This is a two bedroom studio apartment with one bedroom.

What size is the largest space?

The largest apartment is 85 square meters - a studio-style three-bedroom apartment with two bedrooms.

Does it have a garage?

The building has an underground garage that can accommodate 22 cars.

How many elevators are there in the entrance hall?

Each entrance has one passenger / freight elevator that can accommodate up to 8 people at a time. The whole building will be served by two elevators. At the bottom of the floors of the residential flats, the corridors join the entrances to both elevators, so floor dwellers will be able to use both lifts simultaneously.

What does the surrounding area look like?

The area is bordered by a 9-storey residential block 20 miles to the north; To the west is a public space and a partially green area. To the south there is a one-storey transformer and a one-storey private house with a tidy and green yard. On the east side there is land without any development.

Can I get an apartment completed?

Apartment renovation is possible and the cost is considered individually. To do so, please call us at: 212 11 11 and specify terms and conditions with our Sales Manager.

What is the cost per square meter one time payment?

The cost per square meter with single payment starts from 1658 GEL

How much does a square meter installment cost?

The cost per square meter is 1762 GEL

What is the primary contribution?

The initial contribution is 30% of the total value of the apartment. However, individual conditions can also be discussed, for which you can contact us at: 2 12 11 11.

Also, keep an eye on our stocks section at the link, periodically offering customers more convenient payment terms

What are your payment terms?

You can buy a flat either in single payment or in standard installment terms, which means that you are initially offered 20% of the total cost of the flat, then pay 690 GEL for 18 months (before the end of construction) and 19th month, ie one month after the end of construction. You pay the remaining amount in full or with the help of any bank.

Can I buy an apartment without first deposit?

At this point you will not be able to purchase an apartment without a primary deposit, however, you can contact us at phone number: 2121111 to discuss your individual requirements and discuss your specific needs with your sales manager.

Which bank do you work with / do you have a developer bank where we can transfer the loan?

The construction is supported and 100% funded by the Bank of Georgia. The Bank of Georgia offers our customers a customized bank product - 30% co-payment - with a fixed rate mortgage loan in GEL. If you transfer your income / salary to another commercial bank (TBC Bank, VTB Bank, Terabank), we will help you get the financing you need from these banks at your favor.

How much will I have to pay each month?

It depends on the amount of the initial contribution. For an accurate calculation, please call us at 212 11 11 and specify our sales manager.

What will it cost if I want to get repairs?

Standard price includes green frame. The cost and terms of a home renovation will be individually considered according to your requirements, please contact us at 2121111 and agree with the sales manager.

Do I need a payroll or receipt for installment?

No confirmation of income for domestic installments. You will only need to confirm your income if you purchase through the bank. In this case, please contact your desired bank and specify details

What documents are needed for installment?

You will only need an ID card for domestic installments. You will need proof of income if you are planning to buy an apartment with us with a mortgage loan.

Can I get a mortgage on my apartment?

Mortgaging of apartments, parking lots and commercial spaces is also possible during the construction process, as the decommissioning of individual blocks of land is already completed and all spaces are registered in the public register separately under cadastral codes.

What kind of contract is there between the owner and the company?

In the case of a domestic down payment, a pre-sale agreement is formed where you are referred to as the future owner. If you pay the lump sum automatically you become the owner of the apartment. The contract between the owner and the company is based on an ID card, which we register (at least 20% or more) in the Public Register.

What is the condition of flats?

The apartments are green framed, which means:

Dark colored, two-chambered metal-plastic door and window

Laminated, non-standard, high quality iron door with double lock

Flat water and sewer tanks

Underfloor heating pipes

Partitions of the rooms on the inner perimeter

Gage walls

The floor is covered with silica-cement solution

Exterior facade with brick texture

Entrance hall with travertine and granite stone flooring

Granite stone corridors

Stairways and cells arranged in basalt sand and iron railings

Balconies with ceramic granite and iron railing

Passenger / freight type lifts

Electricity and natural gas brought to the apartment

Installation and Subscription of Meters of Telasi, Georgian Water and Power and Tbilisi Energy (formerly KazTransGas)

Do you have a long-term domestic installment?

You can apply for an interest-free installment until the end of construction, until May 2021

What other projects have you implemented?

• 9-storey, 54-apartment house in Gldani

• Bread factory in Nadzaladevi district, Eka Bezhanishvili street.

• GM Motors, Lada Center in David the Builder Alley

• British American Tobacco Office on Vazha-Pshavela Ave.

• 9-storey residential building on Javakheti Street in Varketili

• 3-storey private house in Avlabari

• Ex-IM refrigeration complex buildings

• Cheese factory of Georgian-Austrian company CHEESECO

Where do you have other constructions?

At this stage, we have an ongoing project. In the future, new construction is planned in the 5th and 7th regions of Gldani from 2021