Solum Development offers its customers a full cycle of construction, repair and electrical work:

• Land works

• Fundamentals preparation work

•Reinforced concrete works

• Construction-reconstruction and repair works

• Industrial flooring works

• Floor and ceiling works / Reconstruction and reinforcement of ceilings, floors and solid walls

• Interior design

• Internal cladding

• Electrical Wiring

• Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

• Manufacture and installation of windows and doors of any material and complexity

• Installation of protection and video surveillance systems

• Design of electrical construction works

• 220, 110, 35, 10, 6 sq. M. Installation of high voltage cables

• Installation of low voltage cables up to 1 kV

• Installation of air lines

• Recovery and restoration of damaged cables

• 6-10kW. Construction and installation of transformer booths

• Construction and installation of 220,110,35 kV substations

• Maintenance of transformers

• Refrigeration works

• Grounding contours

What are the benefits of collaborating with Solum Development?

Under a relevant agreement, a qualified company representative will oversee:

• Timely purchase and transportation of materials

• The quality of work done by the workman

• Submits a weekly report to the client about the work done and planned

As a result:

• Customer will be protected from poor quality work

• Customer will not have to worry about selecting and shipping materials

• The customer will have a representative of the company responsible for timely and high quality production

Solum Development Partners are  local building materials manufacturers and major importers, It allows  to  offer  the customer , high quality materials at a lower price than the market price!

One of the main values of the company is transparency, which is why the customer submits a detailed estimate, invoice, tax invoice for any expense incurred, which is a true document for justifying the expenses incurred by the controlling bodies, partners or shareholders.s.