For investors

Solum Development is ready to share its success with long-term and secure investments in real estate with individuals / companies.

The company offers investors a completely safe and innovative model of investing in funds, where their interests will be maximally protected:

Invest in an asset, not a company

The investor invests his own funds not in the company's debt obligations or shares, which are related to specific legal and financial risks, but rather he becomes one of the co-owners of the company-owned, agreed construction project.

Co-ownership of a given asset is much less risky and promising, as land under construction permits is a highly liquid demanding property whose market price is constantly increasing amid a shortage of land parcels of relevant function, size and location.

After the scheduled period (1 or 2 years), the investor will receive the full amount invested by him / her with a specific fixed return, the amount of which depends on the size and maturity of the invested amount.

The Company considers partners as both resident and non-resident individuals and legal entities.

To attract a pool of qualified investors, this offer is intended for investors who are willing to invest in our investment projects a minimum of $ 50,000 or its equivalent in GEL, a maximum of $ 500,000 or its equivalent in GEL.

For more information, please contact us and company management will answer your questions thoroughly.