About us

The founders of Solum Development are professionals with years of experience in Western education, construction, and banking and have a 17-year successful development and development history.

Since 2012, the Company's activities have been construction and repair works. Since 2016, as a result of business development, the company has started implementing development projects.

Today, we are a construction company for which, along with quality, customer care is a priority. And the house of modern standards built by us gives each resident peace, harmony, and happiness.

Many years of construction experience have taught us that creating comfort and safety guarantees for the user is the most important thing in this field. As a result, we design all details with the user's best interests in mind and adhere to all legal regulations and standards.

Solum Development offers customers 10 completed projects and 1 current complex. long with a good location, the advantage of our projects is an affordable price and planning tailored to the customer's wishes.