Building process

  • 02. 03. 2022


    Construction works have been completed as outside works also insides. Now the last works - Fire system components re assembled and installed  as in corridors and apartments also on the underground parking. After completion  and successfully testing the apartments will be officially gained the completion certificate from the Tbilisi City Hall.
  • 26. 11. 2021


    The waterproofing of the roof and commercial space has been completed. Elevators are installed. Gas counters have been installed and sealed.  Last stage works are underway on the 10th-11th floors. The building will be fully completed in December 2021
  • 29. 09. 2021

    Gas counters

    At this stage, the construction of eleven floors in Gldani has been completed, in parallel, internal partitions and green frames are being prepared on the tenth-eleventh floors, gas ounters have been installed and an elevator is being installed.
  • 29. 07. 2021

    11th floor

    The concrete works of the 10th floor roofing slab have been completed. The 11th floor columns and diaphragms will be installed by August 10.
  • 15. 07. 2021

    10th Floor

    Permission was issued for the construction of additional 2 floors, respectively the construction of the 10th and 11th floors has started, in parallel our population started housing and repair works in the apartments.
  • 29. 06. 2021


    The entrances are being covered with travertine
  • 27. 05. 2021

    Painting works

    The corridors on the floors has been painted with the first layer. The second layer of painting will be done after residents compleate of the repair works. The ceiling was also painted with transparent varnish and the arrangement of ceramic granite on the balconies of the apartments was completed.
  • 21. 05. 2021


    GWP (water) counters are being installed and apartments are being subscribed to
  • 04. 05. 2021

    Fire doors

    The installation of fire doors in the entrances has started, and the installation of entrance doors in the apartments continues.
  • 22. 04. 2021

    Balcony cladding

    Balconies will be finished on the 4th floor, the entrance doors of the apartments will be installed at the same tim
  • 12. 04. 2021

    Entrance tiles

    The entrance floor is being covered with tiles on the 5th floor.
  • 06. 04. 2021

    Stretched floor

    Stretched floors were laid in the apartments from the 2nd floor to the 5th floor. Iron doors at the entrance to the apartment have also arrived and installation will begin soon.
  • 18. 03. 2021


    An elevator has arrived in Gldani, which will be installed in May-June, as well as external facade works are underway.
  • 24. 02. 2021


    Gasification works and cladding of stairwells are underway
  • 15. 02. 2021

    Handrails Installation

    Railings are being installed. Today, gas pipelines are also being installed in the apartments, near the kitchen and heating boiler points.
  • 12. 02. 2021

    Stair basalt

    Stair basalt has been brought to the construction, relevant works are starting.
  • 01. 02. 2021

    Internal works

    Internal construction works are underway, which include: plastering of stairwells, installation of water supply and heating pipes in apartments, installation of railings and facade works. In addition, we brought ceramic granite from Turkey and we will soon start covering the balcony.
  • 14. 01. 2021

    Doors and windows

    The installation of plastic doors and windows, including the 8th floor, has been completed. Internal works continue with this.
  • 05. 01. 2021

    Fire System

    Fire doors, heating and cold water pipes, as well as fittings arrived.
  • 04. 12. 2020


    We put a power supply in the counters cabine, the counters themselves will be installed later. At the same time, the installation of plastic doors and windows, including the 4th floor, has been completed and internal plastering works are underway.
  • 11. 11. 2020


    Front cladding began with red bricks which provide Kaspi bricks Factory.
  • 30. 10. 2020

    Ventilation stands

    The facade bricks of the Kaspi factory were brought to the facility and the facade is being covered. At the same time, ventilation systems are made separately for kitchens and bathrooms with tin antistatic material. The parking space is fully enclosed and the walls are treated with waterproofing material.
  • 21. 10. 2020

    10th Floor

    In Gldani we started the construction of the 10th floor
  • 12. 10. 2020


    Sewerage and ventilation pipes are being installed. Corridor lighting is also arranged. Concrete is poured in front of the building and the installation of plastic doors and windows continues.
  • 09. 10. 2020

    Doors and windows

    Installation of high quality metaloplastic doors and windows is underway. Water drainage systems are installed with two-layer pipes, which generate less noise during fluid handling.
  • 02. 10. 2020

    10th floor tile

    Being on the 10th floor tile pouring works. Apartments are being demolished at the same time
  • 04. 09. 2020

    Outdoor coverings

    Outdoor coverings are underway, as well as granite for the entrance is already ready and at the same time we are preparing 9-storey columns.
  • 19. 08. 2020

    9th floor tile

    The 9th floor slab is being laid in Gldani.
  • 28. 07. 2020

    Block Formation

    The construction of the facade block, including the fourth floor, has been completed. At the same time, the arrangement of the eighth floor reinforced concrete columns continues.
  • 28. 07. 2020

    8th floor

    Solum Development continues construction according to plan, arranging concrete columns and diaphragms on the eighth floor.
  • 18. 07. 2020

    Eighth floor tile

    The concrete pouring works of the eighth floor slab are being completed, also started the construction of a pumice block on the outer facade from the second floor. Construction works are being carried out in full compliance with safety rules.
  • 29. 06. 2020


    The construction of the Solum Development is underway according to plan, after the preparatory work, the columns of the seventh floor were laid.
  • 14. 06. 2020

    Columns of the Seventh Floors

    The 7th floor tile has already been laid, the arrangement of the columns and diaphragm of the seventh floor is currently underway.
  • 02. 04. 2020

    5th floor

    Construction of Solum developer is underway. Today the roof of the 4th floor was over, the tile and rails were poured at +12.5.
  • 09. 03. 2020

    4th floor tile

    Construction of Solum Development is underway in Gldani. The third floor was roofed and the 4th floor tile was poured.
  • 21. 02. 2020

    Third floor slab

    Solum Development has completed the process of filling the third floor slab in Gldani.
  • 06. 02. 2020

    The second floor columns

    Construction is in the active phase - the diaphragm of the second floor columns has started
  • 29. 01. 2020

    Concrete pouring of crossbars

    The next phase of construction is the pouring of +3.5-grade slabs and concrete.
  • 14. 01. 2020

    Concrete pouring

    In the columns and apertures of the first floor, concrete pouring begins.
  • 10. 01. 2020

    House in Gldani - Construction going according to plan

    Solum Development in Gldani successfully continues construction works. The diaphragm of the columns at 3.50 meters is being installed.
  • 12. 12. 2019

    Reinforcement of parking walls and columns

    Construction in Gldani is going on smoothly and the process of reinforcing the parking walls and pillars is already underway.
  • 29. 11. 2019

    Foundation reinforcement

    Reinforcement of the upper and lower layers of the foundation was completed within the planned timeframe. 68 tons of reinforcement were spent on finishing the work
  • 22. 11. 2019

    Reinforcing concrete slab

    Construction is underway in Gldani as planned. Reinforcement of foundation slab was performed and the slabs were covered with 750m2 of full space.
  • 16. 11. 2019

    Preparing the foundation

    The layers of foundation slabs were poured.
  • 04. 01. 1970

    Construction of a new building in Gldani

    Construction of a new residential building has begun in Gldani. The foundation works are being carried out.