12 Wonderful Decorations for Your Home! That's how you have to put your nerves together ...

For each of us, our home is more than just a building. When it's uncomfortably arranged, our nerves burn.

We will offer tricks to improve the interior.

Mirrored furniture

Adding mirrors to the room will bring more light. But be careful: Do not bring extra mirrors.

Light colored walls

On the one hand, warm colors create comfort in the room, and on the other hand they reduce the volume of the room. So try brighter colors for more space.

Glass furniture

This would be great for a small kitchen or a narrow room. It will create the illusion of space.

Multifunctional sofa

For a small or narrow room, a multifunctional sofa is unusual. It will be a sofa and a bed.

Light-permeable windows

The room with such curtains looks bigger and brighter.

Ordinary interior lighting

The more lights - the better.

Get rid of unwanted items

Souvenirs, lanterns, magazines, and a thousand other useless items make a great place for your room. Get rid of them.


If you can't get rid of junk, try hiding them. A beautiful, colorful cabinet that will also have an interior, put it in the room and mix old things with it.

Wall "murals"

Do you think it's old-fashioned? Not the opposite. Just keep in mind: it should be installed directly in the front of the room.

Multidone ceiling

If you want the ceiling to look higher, add decorative panels.

Place savings furniture

Filling the room with large tables and sofas is no longer fashionable.

Pictures on the wall

Do not hang many pictures on the wall, especially if they are of different shapes and sizes. Recommend a single picture in the center of the wall.